Periodic Table of Pokémon - Bug-Types

Periodic Table of Pokémon - Bug-Types

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The Periodic Table meets Pokémon!

A Periodic Table containing all 84 Bug-type Pokémon throughout the generations; from Caterpie to Frosmoth. Plus, a box-out of 4 Bug-type Mega Evolutions.

Each square contains the Pokémon's gender (if any), type/s, name, Pokédex number, weight & height, plus a symbol to identify it by. Each Pokémon is colour-coded by its predominant type, identifiable by the handy key at the bottom.

Choose your favourite Bug-type Pokémon (e.g. 0632 Durant) to feature as a blown-up square with annotations at the top of the page.

Available in A3 size with a Matte or Glossy finish.

Frame not included.