Periodic Table of Doctor Who - The War Doctor

Periodic Table of Doctor Who - The War Doctor

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The Periodic Table meets Doctor Who!

A Periodic Table containing all the companions, allies, monsters & villains from the War Doctor's era of Doctor Who, broadcast in 2013 on TV, published during 2014 in print and transmitted from 2015 to 2017 on audio; from The Night of the Doctor to The Day of the Doctor. Plus, a box-out featuring all of the War Doctor's stories on audio, book & television.

Each square contains the character's number of episodes within the War Doctor's era, their name, the actor/actress who played them & the episode they first appeared in, plus a symbol to identify them by. Each character is colour-coded by story/series, identifiable by the handy key at the bottom.

Choose your favourite character from the War Doctor's era (e.g. War Doctor) to feature as a blown-up square with annotations at the top of the page.

Available in A3 size with a Matte finish.

Frame not included.


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